President's Message

The greatest gift we can give someone is a chance for them to have a healthy and well-nourished life, so that they have full potential and equal opportunities in life.
Nutrition is more than just dieting. It is a life style. It is the only path that leads towards a healthy nation.
The malnourished individual not just live a compromised life but is also a great burden on the economy of the country.
The first step in solving a problem is recognizing one. We are committed to sensitize people and spread awareness regarding balanced diet and importance of Nutrition throughout the country.

We are striving to improve nutritional status up to acceptable limits knowing that it is going to be a very tough task but not an impossible one. This is why it falls on each and every single one of us to do whatever we can to contribute towards this.

Through HANDP, we hope to do our part for the society.
Here at HANDP, our team ensure that whole community is involved when it comes to providing nutritional awareness.
HANDP was started by a young group of volunteers who wanted to bring a change in the society by identifying problems and giving practical solution to improve nutritional status.
At the end, Thanks to our partners, my team members, volunteers and well-wishers for all of your support and efforts for this Nobel mission.
Best Regards
Abdullah Sarfraz
President HAND Pakistan